Newgate street Play Scheme

The joy of working with young children is that every day is different.

I follow a daily routine, in order that things run as smoothly as possible and to help the children feel safe and secure.

This routine depends on the individual needs and ages of the children and may also include visits to toddler groups; the children’s centre; the library or trips to the zoo.

Here is an example of what our day might look like.

07:30 Breakfast is served - playroom is open.
08:15 Get ready for the school runs for those that go.
08:30 Leave for school.
09:00 Child led Play.
09:30 Sleep if required- story time.
10:15 Snack.
10:30 Circle time- sharing songs- smiles- toys.
11:00 Garden Play or walk to park.
12:00 Lunch.
12:30 Sleep for those that need it. - Quiet time, chill on the sofa and maybe Peppa pig.
13:00 Adult Led craft- Activities: - Painting/ cooking/ dressing up etc.

Older children that have dropped their sleep may walk to the park. There is always a focus for the day.

14:30 Snack.
15:00 Child led play inside and out.
16:00. Supper and end of day routines.


I aim to provide a broad and well balanced diet and encourage healthy eating. I use good quality, fresh ingredients and try to use organic meat and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

I am happy to cater for specific dietary requirements on request.

Below are some examples of the food you can expect your child to be offered.

Breakfast (see fees page for prices)

• Fresh or dried fruit.
• Toast Served with Butter, Jam, and Marmite etc.
• Dippy egg
• Yogurt
• Selection of cereals.
• Fresh water/milk/fruit juice.

Lunch - Summer. Inclusive

• Sandwiches, Toasties or plain with a selection of fillings
• Wraps with a range of fillings.
• Pasta bake.
• Carrot, cucumber or pepper sticks
• Portion of fruit
• Fruit pot/yogurt
• Crisps/ cookies

Lunch - Winter. Inclusive - Menus will be displayed weekly

• Sandwiches, Toasties or Wraps with a selection of fillings.
• Homemade Soup/homemade Bread
• Pasta dish/hot.
• Shepherd’s pie
• Jacket potato/ selection of toppings
• Carrot, cucumber or pepper sticks
• Portion of fruit
• Fruit pot/yogurt

Afternoon Tea-time Snack

• Crumpets/muffins
• Toast.
• Cheese and biscuits
• Fruit


I provide a hot home cooked meal every night for those who require it. See fees page for prices.

• Menus will be displayed weekly.
• Fresh drinking water and Juice is available at all times.

Babies under 12 months will need to have their formula sent from home. I am happy to cater for their dietary needs or give food provided.

Supper menu examples

Week 1

• Monday- Braughing sausages, Mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables
• Tuesday- Roast chicken, Roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Gravy
• Wednesday- Pasta Bolognaise.
• Thursday- Grilled chicken or lamb, Jacket Potatoes, vegetables and Gravy or salad.
• Friday- Fish, (What ever looks nice) Home Made chips, (deep fried in rapeseed oil)

Salad or veg.

Week 2

• Monday- Masaman Curry- Rice- Vegetables
• Tuesday- Sausage Casserole- Mash potato
• Wednesday- Chili Concarne. - Rice, salad
• Thursday- Chicken Kebab- Salad- Homus and Wraps
• Friday- Pizza- Chips- Chicken/Fish Gougons- Salad

Week 3

• Monday- Pasta Bolognaise or Carbonara
• Tuesday- Shepard’s Pie and Vegetables
• Wednesday- Chinese Curry with rice
• Thursday- Kofta-Pitta-Salad
• Friday- Sausages- potato wedges- beans- peas- sweetcorn